An interoperable monster-catching MMO with battles, crafting, and a rich storyline.

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This Notion is a WIP, nothing stated here is final and is expected to develop and change over time.

What is Defimons?


Defimons is a monster catching MMORPG, where players can move around, capture monsters, interact with players, design apartments, play minigames and so much more.

The core values of Defimons are usability and reachability. The game is built using basic technologies such as Javascript and built to run even on the lowest end devices.

With a low bar of entry into the game, and low system requirements, our vision is to introduce new users to Blockchain and Defi in a fun and enjoyable manner, while giving them a chance to interact with a larger audience.

Do I need to buy anything to start?

Simply put, you do not need to buy anything to enter the game.

All new players are provided with a starter skin. Players can move around, interact with other players without investing anything. In-order to participate in battles, player needs to buy a monster NFT to start with.

We love feedback!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re already becoming a part of Defimons. Now is the time to meaningfully impact the project.

We build in public, releasing monthly updates based on community feedback. Because feedback is the most important thing for the team at Defimons, and this valuable feedback makes us want to strive more to improve and develop.

If you see something that inspires an idea, or you dislike/like something about the project, we implore you to share it with us in 💡│ suggestions

It’s time to explore, hunter!

Put your adventure boots on, because there’s a lot to explore!