Apartments are in-game land, with a limited supply of 9500. These are of four types:-

  1. Small (4500)
  2. Medium (3000)
  3. Large (1500)
  4. Penthouse (500)

Different sizes for apartments correspond to their in-game size as well as the number of resting spots they have.

Players can design their apartment to their liking, place furniture items in different rooms and so on. These apartments can then be used to host in-game events, meetings, and more.

Resting Spots

Apartments act as resting spots for monsters. A player can put their monster to rest in their own apartment (or other apartments, discussed below), and gain a health boost over time. This allows them to save the in-game tokens that they would otherwise spend on buying health packs.

A monster needs to be put to rest for an appropriate point of time to regenerate full health. However, resting spots do not regenerate the stamina.

Different sizes of apartments have different number of resting spots. Bigger apartments allow players to put more monsters to rest simultaneously. Based on size, Small have 3, Medium have 6, Large have 12 and Penthouses have 24 resting spots.


Since, a player might not use all the resting spots simultaneously, they can choose to rent out these spots to other players, who instead pay a small fee to the owner based on the rates set by the owner.

This not only creates a competitive market for apartment owners to make sure they provide appropriate prices but also make sure that the price is reasonable, otherwise a player might find buying health packs directly, more reasonable.


Players can also acquire Furniture Packs, these are limited edition furniture items that are only available via in-game events. These allow a player to place special furniture items in their apartments to give them a different look and stand out.

Players can also take advantage of in-game features that allow them to interact and communicate with other players, extremely useful for guilds and multiplayer.

  • Proximity Audio. Communicate with other players via audio or video (if required).Just move in close to another player and they’ll be able to hear what you have to say.
  • Whiteboards and Screen Sharing. Useful for teams and guilds in planning their game strategy. Work on in-game whiteboards, screen sharing and presentation mode.