All investing comes with risk. It is important to do your own research.

We at Defimons are committed to creating an engaging and fun experience for gamers. We’re working towards bringing multiple communities together into one ecosystem. We think this proposal makes for an unique, interesting and compelling experience where players can play, interact and learn. We’re building this for the long term and aim to create games that bring something new to the table and create value. We hope that this value will be reflected in the value of our token, however, we cannot guarantee anything with respect to the token price.

We do not make any guarantees regrading the token price, or the price of any NFT tokens that players mint while playing our game. Our NFT tokens are only meant to act as in-game items. We make no promises of any returns, or profits.

Defimons is a skill based game, the system is continously worked upon and improved, however we cannot guarantee safety from any errors in the system or exploits that can cause loss in funds.

Never invest more than you can lose - you alone are responsible for your investment. Defimons is NOT responsible for any losses or changes in token price, and NOT responsible for any lost funds due to smart contract errors, exploits or any other mishaps.