Defimons is a monster catching MMORPG, where players can capture monsters, craft items, complete quests and more. The story follows a branching pattern based on the decisions taken by the player. There are many important elements of gameplay to the game, some of them have been highlighted below:


Players can encounter wild monsters, hunters and teams. A player can choose to capture a wild monster using a sync crystal. As for battles with hunters and teams, reward the players in various ways and can be a good method for training their monsters.

The battle system follows a simple turn based system with various variables and quirks. Players are required to research well for their monster, make important decisions regarding learning new moves and choosing the right attack based on the situation in the battle.



Players can send their monsters on adventures in order to train them. This however is a risky business as a player is required to send adequate amount of health packs and stamina packs for the monster to survive the adventure.

Monsters, if adventure is successful, gain high level of experience and have a chance to bring back some items that can be useful to the player.

Monsters, if adventure is unsuccessful, get lost in the wild, thus a player loses access of their monster.

There are multiple types of adventures for a player to send their monsters on, each with different level of risk, requirements and rewards.

Farming & Fishing

Players can attain useful items and crops from different elements of gameplay such as farming, fishing, battles and quests. More importantly, farming and fishing are both time based and skill based activities.


Players can grow different types of fruit based on season, time and effort required. Each type of fruit has a different use-case in the game economy. One such example is of berries, which can be used to create scents. These scents then can be used to attract specific types of monsters or repel monsters from appearing for a specific time period.

Each crop requires seeds, a player can sow those seeds to grow the crop, wait for the growth period and then harvest. Seeds can be directly bought from the store, or found in battles, quests etc.


Contrary to what the name suggests, fishing allows a player to find items such as seeds, trash, crystals etc in the water bodies (lakes, rivers, etc). These items then can be further crafted into items that can be used inside or outside battles.



Players can own in-game land, this land can be designed using a drag and drop editor present within the game. Players can invite other players, host events and more within their land.

On the game mechanics side, apartments allow players to put their monsters to rest and get a free health boost over time. Thus, regenerating the health for free. These rest slots can be rented out to other players for a small fee in return.

Owning an apartment is not necessary, but it helps regular players save costs related to health packs.



Minigames are re-playable content that is present in addition to the main game. Players can get skins for minigames by completing daily missions, creating highscores and completing quests.

Pandoro Run

Inspired from one of our most popular defimons, Pandoro Runner is an endless runner where players play as Pandoro. Players have to run over or under obstacles while collecting diamonds to get the highest score.


Skelefish Jump


Dungeon Point



Quests allow a player to progress through the game’s storyline, allowing them to earn achievements and unlock control over better monsters. Players can also receive rewards depending upon a specific quest. Quests can be of limited duration or be present forever.