Players have a wide variety of options on how they want to play the game.


Adventures are way for players to play the game in a passive way. There are different types of adventures of varying risk and reward. An adventure might be more suitable for a specific monster type than another one.

Players can send their monsters on adventures. These adventures usually last for 4-6 hours, locking the NFT into a contract.

Monsters lose health or stamina based on success in the adventure. Certain adventures might also carry risk of the monster NFT being burnt incase of complete failure. At the end of an adventure, the monster returns with certain item NFTs based on the difficulty of the quest.

The different item NFTs can be then crafted into use-able items that can be used in battles.

Players do not need to actively check the game in-order to participate in adventures, hence allowing them to play the game passively.



A player might encounter a wild monster while walking in the grass. They have two options, to battle or run away.

If the player chooses to battle, then they further have the option to either finish the monster or capture it.

Finishing the monster gets the player more items and more experience for their monster.

While, capturing the new monster, gets them less experience for their current one.

Battles require a player to become an active participant and complete battles with wild monsters.


Players can craft different finished useable items such as health packs, etc, using the raw materials they collect via battles and adventures.

A player then can choose to use these items for themselves or trade them on the market.

Some items are much more rare than others.


The actual gameplay covers a lot of minigames such as unlocking items, fishing, skating.

These minigames might be used in various in-game missions or just be present on the map as an activity to do that rewards the player with free NFTs that they can trade.

Pandoro Run Minigame
Pandoro Run Minigame