Game Designer

We are looking for a Game Designer who is incredibly passionate about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players.


  • Create and tune content to create an accessible yet deep experience for players.
  • Ensure IP-correct characters and events.
  • Create and maintain design documentation templates and supplemental charts/imagery.
  • Guide innovation and collaboration through research and live data.
  • Quickly prototype design ideas in-game and iterate through playtesting.
  • Work within existing systems and expand on them, including integrating feedback from user experience testing.
  • Take part in internal and external playtests, communicate with beta testers, and iterate based on feedback.
  • Implement new user-facing features in our products.
  • Research, design, scope and estimate what you need to do.

Requirements & skills

  • Minimum 3+ years of related professional experience.
  • Experience working on games for multiple platforms.
  • Demonstrable feature design skills.
  • Demonstrative proof of an open-minded, upbeat, progressive thinker who is flexible, energetic, and driven with the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges with working solutions.
  • Remain current on industry trends including new game genres, new game design methods, and emerging platforms.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.


  • 100% remote & flexible hours
  • Growing challenging environment
  • Independent Contractor
  • Crypto Payment (USDC or BUSD)

If you feel you’re a right fit for the above requirements, please send your resume to