The story begins with a young boy named Atom.

One day, when Atom returns from school, he finds his home destroyed, his town destroyed and not one sign of human life. Looking further, he finds a note supposedly written by his mother to go to Yorokobi Town, as that is the one last place safe from these angry monsters.


The story of Defimons, is based in a world where humans control monsters using magical unknown crystals. They battle and tame these monsters to keep them away from attacking humans. As a person grows up, they’re allowed to choose their first monster and go into the wild and capture as many monsters as possible, to make sure all humans stay safe, these are what we call “Hunters”.

Our player joins Atom on his quest to find the deepest secrets of this world, help him find his parents and find out the reasons for these attacks inorder to bring peace to the world.

Are you ready to go on a hunt?