Monsters play a huge role within the actual game. They can be used for both passive gameplay and active PvE or PvP battles.

Players need to own at least one monster to participate in adventures or PvE battles, which they can buy from the P2P marketplace.

They can then fight wild monsters, choose to capture them and mint as NFTs or choose to finish them and have a chance of getting rare in-game items.


Are all monsters different?

Every monster varies in attributes, growth rate, type and much more.

The rarity of a monster NFT depends upon various factors such as base rarity (common, uncommon, rare), location where the monster was found and its growth rate.

Essentially, even if two players have the same monster, there is a very low chance of both monsters being exactly same due to the number of variables.

This section below is currently being developed and might go under changes in the near future.

What is base rarity?

Each generation of monsters will have certain amount of monsters that are common, uncommon or rare.

Taking an example of Generation 0, we plan to introduce 80 monsters.

Common monsters are infinitely minted, although there are measures present in-game to tackle over-supply of common monsters.

Uncommon monsters appear once for every 100 common mints. Appearance does not guarantee mint. If the player is unable to capture the monster, that chance is lost forever.

Rare monsters can only be found via story missions, players need to collect rare keys to a dungeon, where they can battle the rare monsters.


Each generation of monsters introduces players to new monsters and attacks. These generations only vary in terms of rarity.

An older generation of monsters will always be more rare than any newer one.

We take an example of 3 generations of monsters being launched one-by-one

Generations launched
Common Gen0
Uncommon Gen0
Common Gen1
Uncommon Gen1
Common Gen2
Rare Gen2
0 & 1
0, 1 & 2

The above table shows the chance of appearance of a monster from a particular generation based on how many generations have been launched.

As newer generations are launched, the chance of appearance of Gen 0, Gen 1 etc decreases exponentially. Thus creating a shortage in supply, in turn increasing rarity.

Are there different types?

Each monster has two types, a main type and a sub type.

Main type directly affects it weaknesses and strengths against other types.

Sub type provides a different aspect to its attacks, while affecting weaknesses and strengths to a smaller extent.

The final list of all types will be added in the near future.


Some monsters have upto 3 stages of mutations. Each newer stage introduces new attacks that the monster can learn.