In Defimons, your actions within the game will weigh heavily against your character. Most avid gamers should be familiar with these kind of mechanics, in the form of “karma”, “world tendency” or by another name.

In the world of Defimons, its known as Morality, and it is attributed to your character by the decisions you make.

When you begin to play the game, your morality starts as neutral. Depending on your actions, it can shift towards zero or five (good deeds make it go towards five, bad deeds make it go towards zero).

These deeds don’t account as simple actions, but a series of actions. To clarify, a simple decision in a conversation does not affect your morality but a series of decisions over multiple conversations will affect your morality.

Players also have other various aspects to keep in mind, such as the choice of capturing the monsters in battles, finishing missions that ask the player to do a good deed. Essentially all your acts line up and affect your morality.

On the other hand, your morality affects the way other NPCs interact with you. Some characters might favor you if your morality is low, while others might despise you, and vice versa.

Your morality also affects the mutations of your monsters, some of your monsters might experience a different mutation than expected if your morality lines up correctly according to the requirements for that mutation to occur.

Players can expect to get different missions, to pay different fees within the marketplace based on their morality.


In-game events and how the players react to those events will also affect heavily the morality of their character.

Players however can affect the morality of their character using the Cross of Raijin or similar items that can be found via forest quests or at the end of battles with wild monsters. These items however are very rare, but are tradable on the marketplace.