Version 0.2.0

Sign-up Process

Users can sign up using any social media accounts that are supported. Then, users will asked to sign in a message using their metamask wallet to showcase ownership of apartment NFTs.

Only metamask wallets are supported for verification, if you have your wallet in another wallet provider, please make sure to import that wallet to metamask. This is required only once.
Users will normally not be required to sign in a message using external wallets. This extra condition is only active for Version 0.2.0 Release.


Players can move around using W,A,S,D keys.

Movement on mobile is controlled via DPAD on bottom left.


Players can open shortcut menu using “R”, and interact with NPCs using “E”.

On mobile, these are replaced by “A” and “B” buttons on bottom right.

Shortcut menu gives players access to emojis, skating and surfing.

External Wallets

When a player signs up, a non-custodial wallet is created for them. This wallet will be used for monster and item NFTs. Players can however connect an external wallet (metamask) to use skin NFTs or any integrated project NFTs.

Steps to connect external wallets:

  • Click on main menu (top right button)
  • Click on settings
  • Click on “View” under Ethereum, under External wallets
  • Click on “Add New”, sign message.

Change Skins

Players can change skins in the skins menu, by going into the main menu → skins menu → choose skin → equip.

Your Skin NFTs should be present in your external wallet. Please do not send any NFTs to internal game wallet.