Version 0.2.1

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improves game loading time by 2x (Build size reduced by 20%, initial calls reduced from 220 to 85).
  • Improves black screen of death by loading music and some unused assets in an asynchronous fashion.
  • Fixes a zero day vulnerability for user data leak (Bounty awarded).
  • Fixes users not being able to explore the whole penthouse due to limited size and obstruction by transparent boundaries.
  • Fixes volume bug for Apartment Editor.
  • Fixes misplacement of lights for street lamps in Sunshine Trail.
  • Fixes black screen of death when interacting with Blue arcade machines.
  • Fixes not being able to input certain characters in fields.
  • Fixes character movement being locked when colliding with buildings.
  • Fixes not being able to change skins inside apartments.
  • Fixes music preferences not being saved to cache.
  • Fixes Opensea Storefront collections being rendered as a single collection.
  • Changes requirements for Holders-Alpha from snapshot based to current owners.