How to connect to an external wallet?

The process of adding an external wallet to your Defimons account is extremely simple.

Step 1: Open Settings

Inorder to open settings, a user is required to open the main menu using the button present on the top right of their screen. Then, they’re required to choose the option named “Settings”.


Step 2: Open External Wallets Modal

In-order to open the external wallets modal, a user is required to click on the “View” button next to the option called “External Wallets”.


Step 3: Choose a provider

Once in the external wallets modal, a user is required to choose a wallet provider. Click on “Add New” on the button next to the wallet provider of your choice. At the stage of writing of this tutorial, Metamask is the only option available. Users can export their wallets from other providers, enter into Metamask and continue with the process.


Step 4: Sign auth message

Once you click on “Add New”, it will trigger your wallet provider to open up a message that is required to be signed. This message does nothing except verify the ownership of your wallet. You are not required to pay any gas.

Please make sure to sign the message only on our official website, the Defimons team will never ask you to sign a message/tx on any domain names other than

Once signed, the wallet should be added to your account in a few seconds. In order for the skins/apartments to appear, one is required to refresh the website/reopen the app.